Realtor, Sales Representative
B.A. Urban Studies and Economics

Deepti (Dee) Neto





What will I do for you?


  • I will guide you in finding the right location and the right property.  

  • I will provide you with the information necessary to make a value decision.  

  • I will prepare the 'agreement of purchase and sale' for you.  

  • I will protect your interest in the 'agreement of purchase and sale'. 

  • I will use my knowledge and experience to negotiate on your behalf.  

  • I will follow-up with the necessary details to ensure that your agreement becomes firm and binding. 

  • I will assist you with finding information about government sponsored programs.

  • I will assist you with 3rd party referrals when needed.

  • I will work hard to ensure your experience with me is positive and stress free.

Why have a Buyer Representation Agreement?


This agreement ensures that the relationship between us is open and honest.  It's human nature that when I know you are committed to me, I can be committed to you.  There will be no need for me to hold back information to keep you on the hook and to spend energy protecting myself from aggressive outsiders.  We have a trust relationship and we can focus on finding the right property for you. 

When you are ready to start physically viewing properties, this is the right time to review this agreement and the Agency Relationship.  


Should I buy on my own?


An un-informed purchase can be a costly mistake that goes well beyond the cost of commission.  A Realtor is obligated to tell his/her clients about many issues that you may not be aware of, like mold, uffi, Grow-ops, leakage, oil tanks, etc.  Besides it is the owner who is paying so it is a no cost service to you.


Should I use the listing agent to buy?


The listing agent is contractually and legally obligated to represent his/her client the Seller. You are not his client!


What about buying New Construction?


Be aware, this is a very complicated long term process, you need someone by your side who can guide and instruct you. The Builder has a army of people to protect his/her interest you need at least one!
My Brokerage and I get many pre-construction deals prior to public offerings.  In many cases, not only do we get to pick the choice units, often the builders offer special incentives at these pre-sales.  

Please talk to me before you go to the sales office alone.


How should I pick a buyer's agent?


You should pick a agent that is responsive to your needs and has the market skills and experience necessary.  This is a extremely personal relationship, you should trust that the agent is acting in your best interest and not just trying to close the deal. 

The ability to figure out the market value of the property and sharing that information with you is the key to a successful decision.  Your agent should be willing and able to do the analysis and the legwork so that your offer price is based on current market facts not emotion alone. 


What are the Key factors that determine the buying price:


  • The Property, including lot and house.
  • The Location, including general and specific.
  • The Sold Statistics, of the recently sold in the area.
  • The Demand and Supply within the housing area for similar properties.
  • The Economic Conditions, current and forcasted.
  • A trained Realtor, who knows the market and how to negotiate on your behalf.


No two houses are exactly the same.  The price is never exact, but a range in value, often depending on the above factors.  The timing is rarely perfect, use your underlying reasons to decide whether it's the right time. Waiting for market conditions to change can be a costly mistake.


Who prepares the Agreement of Purchase and Sale?


This is the most important contract in the Real Estates Sales process and it is usually prepared by the Buyer's Agent.  Remember the buyer is making an offer to the Seller.
It's function is to communicate the buyers and the sellers intentions and legal obligations.  
It ensures that what is offered and what is delivered is openly understood.  
Many costly mistakes and misunderstandings can be avoided by paying proper care and attention to this document.  It is my job to prepare this document and represent your interest and protect you. 


What are the FINTRAC forms for?


Federal regulations and money laundering laws require a Realtor to ensure the identification of their Clients and the Funds.  Prior to the completion of an agreement you will be asked for identification information.



Owning a home provides Stability in an uncertain environment

Knowledge & Experience

Why use me as your Realtor?


As a Professional Fulltime Realtor, I have the knowledge, the access to information and the necessary skills and experience to help you find your ideal property at the best possible price.  


The GTA market is fast moving. Without guidance you will under-bid, over-bid, bid-too-late and get mentally frustrated and fatiqued. This can lead to poor and hasty decision making. 

Buying a property has many legal and contractual obligations.  The agreement of purchase and sale is a complex contract. You need to work with someone who understands it and is on your side.


Lastly, I love working with Buyers. Finding the perfect house is a fun and exciting activity. I believe Housing is a key decision in everyone's life and I feel priviledged to participate in that decision.


My Services are 100% guaranteed. If you are not satisfied you will be released from your Buyer's Rep Agreement.

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