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B.A. Urban Studies and Economics

Deepti (Dee) Neto




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You cannot intiate change by merely watching

Why Invest in Real Estate?

Real Estate is a solid, stable, proven alternative to the Stock Market.  Whether you are building equity for your retirement, saving for your children's education or hoping to give your children a leg-up in the GTA housing market, investing in Real Estate is worth considering.  Most high net worth individuals carry some Real Estate investments in their portfolio.

How I can help?


For all  purchases, I do a comparative assessment on the current value. So you can make a informed decision.


For new construction I do an present and future value assessment, the builder's price is a projected future value.  I access REALNET to view comparable builder projects and their inventory. I can tell you how the extra costs add up in new construction and which incentives the builder might throw in.

My Brokerage, Homelife Landmark, is working with many of the top builders in the GTA - Tridel, Plazacorp, Minto, Concord Adex and others.  We are invited to many pre-public offerings and in many cases we are assigned a certain portion of the new sales just for our brokerage.  This means that you are first in line for the choice units.  As an investor this is key.

I can help you rent out your property to a suitable tenant after your purchase. I can provide the current rental rate.   If needed, I can help you find a suitable management company if you do not want to manage the property yourself.


In the GTA a real estate investment is a fairly liquid investment most properties are sold in 30-60 days.  If your investment outlook changes, you can buy and sell property to match your new circumstances.  The key is to buy an investment property with liquidity in mind.


Keep in mind that Real Estate Investing becomes riskier the shorter your investment timeframe.  A good timeframe to hold onto a investment property is about 5 years.  

Let me help you build Personal Equity, not just from the house that you live in, but from a property that you can buy and sell.


There are many factors to consider when buying a investment property. Let's go for a coffee/tea and discuss your circumstances. 

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