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B.A. Urban Studies and Economics

Deepti (Dee) Neto




VIP Advantage 

Reduce your RISK with  Informed Decision making!

Pre-Construction Facts:


  • Pre-Construction Condos usually take 3 years on average to build.
  • The Builder needs to sell a certain percentage of the units before construction can start.  
  • The deposit payments are usually split over 1 year, giving you time to save.  
  • The 10 day rescission period applies to all new construction Condos and is the Law.
  • Your deposit is guaranteed by the Gov't for up to 40k

VVIP BUILDER Select Offers:


On a Select basis my Brokerage is offered VVIP prices to some of the hottest Condos in the GTA Area.  These prices and incentives are often special to us.  These VVIP offers and can only be discussed individually with our clients or customers, we cannot advertise them.  The prices and availability is usually limited and only good for about 1 week.  If you see a new construction project that interests you, contact me prior to it going on sale to the public and I will keep you in the loop. 



Before going to the public.  Many builders will hold a pre-public offering.  This allows them to gage the market.  They send private invitations to many GTA realtors to these VIP events.  The availability and the price of these units is usually time limited.  You don't need to line-up for the hot new condos, the builders come to us and they offer insentives to our clients or customers.  




Via our latest resource REALNET I have access to the prices and availablility of Units to most of the New Construction Condos in the GTA.  I can help you value your new condo purchase and compare prices to other projects.  


Don't just walk into the sales office alone.  Call me first.  

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