Realtor, Sales Representative
B.A. Urban Studies and Economics

Deepti (Dee) Neto




Sell 1st in a buyer's market. Buy 1st in a Seller's market. 

What will I do for you?


  • I will access sales information to guide you in valuing your property.  

  • I will provide advice on home staging and upgrades that attract buyers.

  • I will research your neighbourhood for amenites and features.

  • I will List your house on the MLS listing service.

  • I will co-ordinate all appointments to show your home 24/7.

  • I will market your property to bring in qualified buyers. 

  • l negotiate on your behalf to get the best price for your property.

  • I will  protect your interest in the 'agreement of purchase and sale'. 

  • I will listen to your needs and keep you informed every step of the way.

  • I will take care of you and I guarantee my services. 

Why use me as your Realtor? 

To find the ideal buyer and to get the best possible price in the required time frame. 


When selling your home, it is important to value your property correctly.  As a Realtor, I do a thorough analysis of the area sales history and the current housing trends. I am familiar with the latest marketing strategies. I present you with this information and you make the final decisions.


 Your satisfaction with me is 100% guaranteed, that's a promise. This means that if you are not satisfied with my services, you will be released with no obligations.


​​​​​​Follow these steps when offering your house for sale:


  1. Find a Realtor you feel comfortable with and feel you can trust. Also, they should also have the time and energy and energy to focus on your individual needs.
  2. Get a Current Market Analysis of your area. The value of your property is not magic it is based on current data. In a fast moving market not knowing can be a expensive mistake.
  3. Review the condition of your property and your goals with your Realtor. Make sure you are on the same page. The needs of every individual is different, especially when it comes to Selling. 


Here are the Key factors that determine the selling price:


  • The recently sold statistics for the area.
  • The Location, including general and specific.
  • The Property, including lot and house.
  • The supply and demand of similar properties in the area.
  • The current and forcasted economic conditions.
  • A trained Realtor who can answer objections and negotiate on your behalf.
  • No two houses are exactly the same.  Therefore, the price is never exact, but a range in value, often depending on the above factors.


How about Selling on my own?


Selling your home on your own is most often a time consuming, frustrating, no-win strategy. Private buyers will undoubtedly discount your asking price or you will have to pay the Buyer's agent.


Before embarking on the journey to Sell on your own ask yourself:

  • Who will manage my Calls?  my brokerage office secretaries with 24/7 access.  

  • Who will show my property?  trained Realtors with qualified buyers.

  • Who will market my property?  a trained Realtor with a proven marketing strategy.

  • Who will answer your buyer's objections? a trained Realtor.

  • Who who will do the paperwork?  a trained Realtor.  


How will you Market my Property?

  • The MLS service is the best place to list your home.   It will expose your property to most of the active buyers. It is the market place where most buyers and sellers meet.  90% of all Real Estate Residential Transactions take place hear.
  • I will host open houses, advertise, offer incentives etc. as needed.
  • Marketing is different for each property.  I will analyse and review your potential buyers and market to them as directly as possible using web photos/videos/maps,  internet ads, fliers, open houses.
  • I have experience with hiring stagers. I can help you get your house staged.


What is a Listing Agreement?


Is a standard legal contract between you and the Brokerage. Be aware of the expiry dates and conditions that run past expiry.  The minimum listing period is 60 days. When signing the agreement, I will be happy to review the agreement in detail with you.  


What are the FINTRAC forms for?


New federal regulations and money laundering laws require a Realtor to ensure the identification of their clients.  Prior to the completion of an agreement you will be asked for identification information. 


Knowledge & Experience

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